Hello folks, it’s that time of the year again. The smell of awards season is in the air, and to our luck the fourth annual Juicy Awards is here. It’s crazy how we are coming up on the four year anniversary of this site (which happens this March). How long I continue this site is in question, as it is much harder to keep up with due to college and new responsibilities, but my passion for reviewing still burns so you never know! I may be reviewing until I die (hopefully; I do love giving my two cents every now and then). I am terribly sorry that this post comes late, but as I have stated in my delay post, problems happened. Anyway, here is the list of awards and what days they will arrive. As usual, I will make a separate post for the Fan’s Pick award of all the films I reviewed in 2016, just to refresh your mind. Thank you all who are still tuning into my posts; it means the world to me.

Award Season Days:

January 3rd– Best Animated Movie, Burnt Popcorn Award, Funniest Movie
January 4th– Most Thrilling Movie
January 5th– Worst Ending, Most Shocking Moment
January 6th– Best Visual Effects
January 7th– Best Character
January 8th– Best Villain
January 9th– Worst Character
January 10th– Worst Villain
January 11th– Most Disgusting Moment
January 12th– Most Watched Movie
January 13th– Funniest Character
January 14th– Most Confusing Moment
January 15th– Worst Actor
January 16th– Worst Actress
January 17th– Best Movie Quote/Line
January 18th– Best Supporting Actor
January 19th– Best Supporting Actress
January 20th– Best Actor
January 21st– Best Actress
January 22nd– Best Concept
January 23rd– Best Musical Score
January 24th– Why? Moment Award
January 25th– Awesomest Moment
January 26th– Ka-Boom! Award
January 27th– Walken’s Wild One Award
January 28th– Fan’s Pick Award
January 29th– The Perfect Award Winners
January 30th– Movie of the Month Award Winners
January 31st– Movie of the Year Award

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