pixar masterpiece marathon


With “Finding Dory” out in theaters, I found this to be the right time to hold a Pixar marathon, deeming it the Pixar Masterpiece Marathon. I know, not all of the Pixar films are masterpieces, but a majority of them are groundbreaking, let alone nostalgic. I have already reviewed a few of their releases, those being “Monsters University,” “Inside Out,” and “The Good Dinosaur.” I have altered the score of “Inside Out” (due to changes in my mind), and will add a review for the short film that came before “Monsters University” to that particular review. As you can see, I will include reviews for all of the short films that came with their Pixar movies in each of their reviews; all except “Cars 2” that is, which for some reason doesn’t have one. This marathon will take place from July 17, 2016 – July 31, 2016. I hope you all enjoy reading my reviews!

Here are the days:

Day 1– “Toy Story”
Day 2– “A Bug’s Life”
Day 3– “Toy Story 2”
Day 4– “Monsters Inc.”
Day 5– “Finding Nemo”
Day 6– “The Incredibles”
Day 7– “Cars”
Day 8– “Ratatouille”
Day 9– “Wall-E”
Day 10– “Up”
Day 11– “Toy Story 3”
Day 12– “Cars 2”
Day 13– “Brave”
Day 14– “Monsters University” (Remastered Version)
Day 15– “Finding Dory”

Here are my reviews for the Pixar films I have already analyzed:

“Monsters University” (Original Version)
“Inside Out”
“The Good Dinosaur”

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