The Alteration of Scores

Hey guys, I usually don’t post about anything other than films, marathons, and award shows, but I felt like I should discuss a certain topic that has been on my mind: the alteration of scores.

When it comes to my site, no score I give a movie is permanent. In my three years reviewing, around 85% of the films that I have reviewed have kept their score from the first time I punched them in. These are the flicks that I am comfortable with in what I have given them and feel the same way when I revisit them. The other 15%, however, is a different story.

I am currently eighteen years old. I began this site when I was fourteen, and I can tell that my mind has molded and altered since this site’s beginning. My reviews have gotten longer, more descriptive, and I have become wiser in how I rate films. It’s a complicated process, as I used to rate movies based on how much I enjoyed them, rather than how well they are actually written as well as a combination of other things when I review now (enjoyment is not off the table, however).

Looking back at my older reviews, there are some things that seem absurd in terms of the scores I have given releases. My tastes have changed as well as my mentality, and for that reason, I feel the need to alter scores, going back and updating posts. I make sure to make a note of when I do, however, leaving bold print under the review to show the alteration and how it doesn’t affect the Juicy Awards. I always make sure that any score I change does not change the Juicy Awards; that is my mainstay rule.

This site isn’t perfect and neither are my reviews. There are bound to be mistakes, and if I feel the need to change them, I will. All of my changes are necessary in working towards how I feel about a certain film now. I don’t change the scores of the movies all the time, as I have said before that I have only altered around 15% of the films that I have reviewed. Recently, I have changed the scoring of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” It used to be a 69%, but now it is a 45%. The more I think about that release, the more I despise it.

Don’t let this post discomfort you; my site is reliable and it isn’t unstable. It definitely does have its kinks, but I try my hardest to formulate the best score of each movie to my liking. There are just factors that may alter my opinion, and I felt that you all should know this. I hope that this was an informative post. I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t such a big deal to me.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with my site!

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