“Wayne’s World 2”


THE WAYNE’S WORLD, PARTY TIME REVIEW: “Wayne’s World 2” stars Mike Meyers (Inglorious Basterds, The Love Guru), Dana Carvey (The Master of Disguise, Tough Guys), Christopher Walken (The Deer Hunter, Catch Me If You Can), Tia Carrere (My Teacher’s Wife, Scar City), Ralph Brown (Alien 3, Withnail & I), Chris Farley (Tommy Boy, Black Sheep), James Hong (Kung Fu Panda, Chinatown), and Lee Tergesen (Weird Science [TV series], Oz [TV series]). It is directed by Stephen Surjik (I Want Candy, Little Criminals [TV movie]) and is written by Mike Meyers, Bonnie Turner (Coneheads, The Little Rascals [1994]), and Terry Turner (Tommy Boy, The Brady Bunch Movie). Shortly after the events of the first film, Wayne Campbell (Meyers) has a dream where he is told to put on a big concert, deeming it Waynestock. Putting this concert together won’t be an easy feat, however, for Wayne will have to book bands, hire crew, and make his girlfriend, Cassandra (Carrere), happy at the same time.


When it comes to the realm of comedic films, sequels don’t have the best track record. Usually comedy sequels are bland, have a bad story, or are unnecessary. Although there are a few exceptions, “Wayne’s World 2” is not one of them. Uninventive, weird, and often boring, “Wayne’s World 2” comes off as a failed attempt to bring the joy and laughs its predecessor left us with. I gotta tell you, I’m pretty sad at how disappointing this movie was. Part of my childhood included “Wayne’s World” and its sequel, and I remember loving both of them. Sadly, only one isn’t as good as I remember. Why is this film bad? Because it is almost unenjoyable. Even though the first release had an incredibly loose story, it was fun. I had a blast watching it, and it’s entertainment made up for many of its flaws. Like its predecessor, this sequel has a loose story, but there is little to offer me in terms of fun. Great jokes from “Wayne’s World” are rehashed in this one in an attempt to bring back the joy, but it can make it repetitive, and its new jokes are hit-or-miss, with them being misses most often. I believe that this may be because of how this film was made a year after the first one, meaning that it wasn’t developed as thoroughly. In this, the writers seemed to want a more serious story. One involving Wayne wanting to become a man in order to win Cassandra’s heart. In order to do that, he creates Waynestock out of a vision he had at night. It’s a weird and messy plot which finds it hard to balance humor and drama. Technically, it isn’t really dramatic. It just takes itself a little too seriously. “Wayne’s World” worked because it didn’t even try to make anything more serious than it had to be. It joked on everything, even its own writing. This one barely breaks the fourth wall at all, and even goes back on some of the things they joked about, like not acknowledging its product placement. I will admit to it having good components, however. There are some highlights, like Wayne’s fight with Cassandra’s father, and the acting was good as well. Plus, it has Christopher Walken, my favorite actor, so that automatically gives it a lot of points (I even got to see him dance). I just wish that this was better. It feels like it has lost its heart; like the first movie was the party and this one was the hangover. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch this, unless you were dying to after seeing “Wayne’s World.” Just don’t get your hopes up. FINAL SCORE: 63%= Burnt Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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