“The Ridiculous 6”


GREEN JEANS MOVIE REVIEW: “The Ridiculous 6” stars Adam Sandler (Big Daddy, Grown Ups), Rob Schneider (The Hot Chick, 50 First Dates), Taylor Lautner (Twilight, Tracers), Jorge Garcia (Lost [TV series], The Wedding Ringer), Terry Crews (Norbit, Everybody Hates Chris [TV series]), Luke Wilson (Bottle Rocket, Old School), Nick Nolte (Over the Hedge, Warrior), Will Forte (The Last Man on Earth [TV series], Don Verdean), Steve Zahn (The Good Dinosaur, Sahara), Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel), Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat), Nick Swarsdon (Grown Ups 2, The Benchwarmers), Jon Lovitz (Rat Race, Big), David Spade (Joe Dirt, Tommy Boy), Blake Shelton (Pitch Perfect 2, Angry Birds), Vanilla Ice (Step Brothers, That’s My Boy), John Turturro (Transformers [2007], Anger Management [2003]), and Steve Buscemi (Fargo [1996], The Big Lebowski). It is directed by Frank Coraci (Click, Zookeeper) and co-written by Tim Herlihy (Pixels, Mr. Deeds) and Adam Sandler. An man by the name of Tommy (Sandler), raised by Indians after his mother was killed, sets off to save his estranged father (Nolte), who was kidnapped by his former gang who wants the loot he had hidden away. Along this way, Tommy realizes that he has five half-brothers, and they join him on his long and wacky quest.


Why Adam Sandler!? I want you guys to know, I am a fan of Adam Sandler. I have been for a long time. I feel that most of his films are underrated, and I enjoy a lot of what he puts out. Recently, however, Sandler has been laying some stinkers on me. For me, it started with “Grown Ups 2,” as that movie had no plot, but was trying to hold together on jokes alone. Along came “Blended,” which was okay, then “The Cobbler,” which was mediocre, and then “Pixels,” which was atrocious. Now we come to his Netflix debut, “The Ridiculous 6,” and I gotta tell you, it was not that good. Throughout this entire release, we were dealt with a sour hand of nothing but potty humor and simplistic storytelling. Mind you, some of the flicks Sandler has made that I found to be entertaining were also like this, but “Ridiculous 6” wasn’t well-executed. I had relatively high hopes for this movie. Yes, the critics trashed on it, but they always do with any film that has Sandler’s name on it, so I went in with my head held high. But man, he really kicked me in the balls with this one. The problem with this release, in its entirety, is its structure. The story itself is a simple one, but it is hastily thrown together, as the first fifteen minutes throws us right into what is going on. I know what is happening, but my mind is still stuck in the scenes that first appeared, and the jokes which filled in the holes the dialogue left weren’t the best. I will admit, the first ten minutes or so were enjoyable. I could see something formulating, but once Tommy’s dad was taken away by his gang, that is where this plot went to crap. Out of this two-hour adventure, only thirty minutes of it is salvageable in piecing the actual conflict. That thirty minutes is dispersed in the opening and end of the film. Inside the mess of a middle is a clutter of hit-or-miss jokes that could either make your sides hurt or leave you wanting to push on. For the most part, I thought this movie was entertaining, but I was also in agony as almost all of it was throwaway. There was so much filler in this that I could barely keep my focus. So many scenes left me questioning their purpose, and most of the time I wasn’t answered to. The filler scenes were either there for raunchy humor to soak up time or for one of Sandler’s buddies to appear on-screen to get their paycheck. One prime example was John Turturro’s scene. All he was there for was to teach us how to play baseball. Of course, he was inventing it, and there were a few good jokes, but for the most part it was unnecessary. There was no pay-off to most of this story, especially the ending, which did nothing for me. I have to hand it to Sandler, however, for he did keep my eyes on the screen. No matter how many eye rolls or sighs I gave, I was entertained, mostly during the racial or gross-out sequences. They did not hold back on talking down Indians, Chinese, or Hispanics in this. Everyone was stereotypical, and that made for a lot of good humor. In terms of the gross-out comedy, most of my favorite parts were with this left-eye gang led by Will Forte, where they all scooped out their right eyes to make for a good pack. When it comes to any more pros I have to mention, I guess the setting would be the only one left. I thought the clothing and places were nice to look at, no matter how filthy the jokes were portrayed in them. Overall, this was a lazily thrown together film that had okay acting with a handful of hilarious scenes to keep me entertained. It was not Sandler’s finest work nor his most horrific. It was just not a good film. FINAL SCORE: 50%= Burnt Popcorn

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