Juicy Awards III/Movie of the Year- 10th Place Goes To…

10th place 1

10th Place:

“The Gift” caught me by surprise. I had low expectations for it, but it was actually a great release that was both dark and unpredictable. It just didn’t have enough to make Movie of the Year though, scoring a 92%.

movie of the year nominees 6

The list is narrowing down even further. Who do you think will be the next Movie of the Year?

4 responses to “Juicy Awards III/Movie of the Year- 10th Place Goes To…

    • Thank you for the comment. I read your essay and it was very interesting. It shed new light on the film that I haven’t really studied. Well done. I was wondering, what did you think of the movie? Besides this post, I also have a full review of the film if you want to read it. Just type the title in the search bar above.

      • Yes, I definitely liked the film. I think it has two fascinating male lead characters and a great plot. Robyn has an interesting character arc. In the end, she rejects the husband she was so submissive and yielding to.

        I love to analyze films for what truth or theme they reveal to the viewer. For good or for bad, films both reflect and shape people’s values.

        btw; If you leave a comment on my post, feel free to include a link back to your own.

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