Juicy Awards III- Movie of the Year Winner

movie of the year winner 20


“The Truman Show,” a film that has scored a 92% on my site, has won the title of Movie of the Year. How!? Well, like I said about “Rocky,” I graded this movie on a computer, giving it a much lower score than I would give it now. Initially, I narrowed down the films to “Bridge of Spies,” “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and “Inside Out.” It troubled my mind having to decide a winner because I saw no winner in any of them. 2015 displayed a sour year for movies. Then, as I laid in my bed wondering what to do, it hit me. Over the many months of 2015, “The Truman Show” has becomeĀ a personal favorite of mine. The deep message at the end, the stellar directing, and the amazing acting tied together a film that I grew to love the more I thought about it. Heck, I even wrote an essay on it. It is such a wonderful movie that I have seen a couple of times now, more so than any of the nominees running for Movie of the Year. I’m not going to do this for every Movie of the Year running. A score tells everything about a film. Now that I grade all movies from my head, this next Juicy Awards will crown a victor with the best initial score. Congratulations “The Truman Show,” and thanks to all those who read my posts!

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