“Jingle All the Way”


FRIDAY NIGHT/CHRISTMAS MOVIE REVIEW: On this very Christmas night, I watched “Jingle All the Way” which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator, Predator), Sinbad (Good Burger, First Kid), Phil Hartman (Saturday Night Live [TV series], The Simpsons [TV series]), Rita Wilson (Sleepless in Seattle, Runaway Bride), Robert Conrad (Black Sheep Squadron [TV series], The Wild Wild West [TV series]), Jake Lloyd (Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace, Madison), James Belushi (According to Jim [TV series], Ghost Writer). It is directed by Brian Levant (Beethoven, The Flintstones [1994]) and is written by Randy Kornfield (Eight Legged Freaks, Jingle All the Way 2). Howard Langston (Schwarzenegger) is a hardworking dad who distances himself from his family, having little bonding time with his son Jamie (Lloyd). He realizes this and wants to make it up to his son. When all hope seems lost in making Jamie happy, in comes Turbo Man, the television hero that all kids adore. Like all kids his age, Jamie wants the Turbo Man action figure, so Howard tells him that he will get it for him. Little does he know how impossible it is to find one of these figures on Christmas Eve.

Jingle All the Way

“Put the cookie down! Now!” Why this movie out of all Christmas movies I can review? Because it’s the only one I haven’t seen again this year, that’s why! Crazy how Christmas is on a Friday this year by the way. “Jingle All the Way” is one of those Christmas films I grew up on. It’s been there as long as I remember and yet every year it can still make me laugh. Even though it is outrageously silly and should not be taken seriously by any regard, it is smartly written in a sense of comedy. The pacing is good and I never feel like they are trying to force a joke down my throat. There are a lot of elements that make this funny, every element changing as I get older. I used to laugh at funny sayings when I was much younger, but now I laugh at how completely unrealistic and childish this release really is. I mean, come on, why would Arnold yell about cookies on a phone when all he wants to do is talk to his wife? The acting in this movie is pretty good for what it is. They all provide great comedy whether I laugh at them or with them. Arnold is funny just to hear him say something idiotic in his voice and Phil Hartman is always comedic. Jake Lloyd didn’t do that bad in this and I feel like I should say that since I hated on him in my “Phantom Menace” review. The kid isn’t a good actor, but in this he wasn’t that bad. He at least showed some emotion in this. One thing I should say is that the special effects, along with the action scenes, are actually cool. Sure, some of the visual effects may be outdated and you may laugh at a lot of scenes, but the costuming and fighting scenes are entertaining to watch. Along with that comes some good directing. I liked the angles that were taken in certain scenes. I think what really makes this film a good release is the fact that it is lovable. No matter how corny or stupid it may get, it is very likable and I don’t think that I will ever hate it or have a distaste for it. It’s a classic to me and that’s all I need to know. If I were to pick out problems in this, it would be hard. It’s a comedy, so mostly all of my issues reside in how idiotic situations can get or how out-of-hand many scenes can be. That comes with the territory. If you aren’t a fan of that or can’t stand this sort of comedy, then this isn’t the Christmas flick for you. To me, this is a classic that should be at least acknowledged by people who want to watch a “new” film for Christmas. FINAL SCORE: 86%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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