“Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi”

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STAR WARS GALACTIC CONQUEST REVIEW: The last film of this long marathon is “Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi,” which star Mark Hamill (Regular Show [TV series], Kingsman: The Secret Service), Harrison Ford (Air Force One, Witness), Carrie Fisher (The Women, Sorority Row), Billy Dee Williams (Batman [1989], Diary of a Single Mom [TV series]), Anthony Daniels (Ghost of Albion: Embers, The Lego Movie), Kenny Baker (Mona Lisa, The Cage [Short]), Frank Oz (Innocent Blood, Spies Like Us), David Prowse (A Clockwork Orange, Comic Book: The Movie), Ian McDiarmid (The Odds [Short], Utopia [TV series]), Peter Mayhew (Yesterday Was a Lie, Terror), Alec Guinness (Lawrence of Arabia, The Prisoner), James Earl Jones (The Sandlot, The Lion King), and Sebastian Shaw (High Season, It Happened Here). It is directed by Richard Marquand (Jagged Edge, Eye of the Needle) and is written by Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill, Silverado) and George Lucas (American Graffiti, Radioland Murders). In this final chapter of the classic trilogy, Luke Skywalker (Hamill) faces off against Darth Vader (Prowse, Jones) while being watched by the evil Emperor (McDiarmid) who has plans for the young Skywalker. Meanwhile, the rebels try to defeat the Empire once and for all and to do so, they must destroy the Empire’s new Death Star.

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“Luke, when gone I am…the last of the Jedi will you be.” These moments are always sad when it comes to (good) marathons: the end. Technically it is not the end of the “Star Wars” franchise because of “The Force Awakens” coming out next month, but it is the end for now. And because the classics are so great, I am sad to see the end of these reviews. When I sat down to watch this film it was late at night and by the time I reached the thirty minute marker, my eyes were getting heavy. It had been a long day and no matter how grand the movie was, I was falling asleep. In a way it both helped my experience as well as worsened it. It helped because through my dilemma, I was able to see why this film isn’t as good as the other two classics. My experience worsened though, for how it was hard to concentrate on the picture in front of me. All of that aside, let’s get down to the meat of this review. “Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi” or better known as “Return of the Jedi” is both a fun and poetic experience wrapped in one. All of these classics are fun, but once you get down to the themes of the adventure it becomes something more. That is what was so great about this film. Of course that whole theme revolved around Luke, but the rest of the ride was enjoyable nonetheless. Ewoks make their appearance in this movie, moving the hearts of many viewers, as well as Admiral Ackbar, everyone’s go-to character when being put in a trap. There weren’t as many new additions to the story like “Empire Strikes Back,” but not many were needed anyway. From the moment this flick began to the last second of footage, this story was a downward spiral. Not in terms of quality, but rather that it was ending and we could all feel it throughout. Battles were displayed, characters died, and a victory was a result. I couldn’t have seen it end in a better way in terms of story, although it could have been improved in terms of flow. And that’s what brings me to the only con of this film: it is slow. The beginning of the movie shows us a plan being set up to spring Han Solo (Ford) free from Jabba the Hutt. This plan, which was entertaining to see come together, dragged because it felt like it took up most of the run time. I like how they take their time instead of rushing it, but the flow should have been improved. I lot of dialogue went down and it took forever for Luke, Han, Leia (Fisher), Lando (Williams), and Chewie (Mayhew) to even show up (C-3PO [Daniels] and R2 [Baker] were the main characters for this event). To prove my point, just look at “Empire Strikes Back.” The cinematography and story was in-your-face the entire time, with many awesome things happening at once. With this film, it just took a longer time to get the ball rolling. But once it did, oh boy! Luke Skywalker faces his destiny in this, and the build-up to that was phenomenal. His last meeting with Yoda (Oz) was inspiring and emotional as I really did care about the little green Jedi master. Yoda talked about Luke’s future and how he has to deal with his father or be consumed by the dark side, just like Anakin (Shaw) was. It was so great, and even Luke’s last words with Obi-Wan (Guinness) was amazing. Then the best part of this film happened: coming face-to-face with the Emperor. He tried to persuade Luke into the dark side and to see the struggle was magnificent. Luke tried to find a good side in Darth Vader, but had to fight him in the process. You can’t get anything better than that guys! I mean, how poetic is that? It’s kind of a sins-of-the-father type thing except Luke is seen as a man who could beat his father’s reputation. Ian McDiarmid played an epic role as the Emperor once again (at least in this marathon, otherwise this is his first outing) and I could feel the evilness and deceit seeping from the man’s mouth. The battle was truly grand and I loved the quotes said towards the end (Luke- “I’ll not leave you here. I’ve got to save you.” Anakin- “You already have.”). Even though this wasn’t as great as the previous two, it is still an all around fantastic film. I would say a lot of things about Han and Leia, but there really isn’t much to talk about because this wasn’t their movie. I did liked how their relationship finally took shape though, and the battle of Endor was funny and awesome. Besides the plot, the special effects were still on point. There are some crude ones every now and then, but overall they are great for the time they were released. The musical score was grand as always, and I enjoyed listening to the soundtrack throughout this marathon. Thank you John Williams! In the end, this was a fantastic conclusion to the classic trilogy. It could’ve been improved and wasn’t as good as the previous two, but it still did a great job. Thank you “Star Wars” for this interesting marathon! FINAL SCORE: 95%= Juicy Popcorn

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