“Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back”

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STAR WARS GALACTIC CONQUEST REVIEW: Up next in this terrific portion of the marathon is “Star Wars: Episode V- The Empire Strikes Back,” which stars Mark Hamill (Minkow, Kingsman: The Secret Service), Harrison Ford (Raiders of the Lost Ark, 42), Carrie Fisher (When Harry Met Sally…, Fanboys), Billy Dee Williams (Batman [1989], The Lego Movie), Anthony Daniels (The Lord of the Rings [1978], Droids [TV series]), David Prowse (A Clockwork Orange, Open Mic’rs), Peter Mayhew (Comic Book: The Movie, Dark Towers [TV series]), Kenny Baker (Casualty [TV series], U.F.O), Frank Oz (Labyrinth, Trading Places), and Alec Guinness (Lawrence of Arabia, Little Dorrit). It is directed by Irvin Kershner (Never Say Never Again, Robocop 2), with the screenplay being written by the late Leigh Brackett (Rio Lobo, El Dorado) and Lawrence Kasdan (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dreamcatcher) and the story being written by George Lucas (Strange Magic, American Graffiti). In this sequel to the classic film that rocked the world, we find Luke Skywalker (Hamill), Han Solo (Ford), Princess Leia (Fisher), and the rest of the rebels scrambling to gain some ground on the unbeatable Imperial forces. The Empire strikes hard, and with it, we discover many new things through the struggles of the characters we know and love.



“And I thought they smelled bad…on the outside!” I know, I’ve had a quote at the beginning of every review in this marathon for the past two films, but I can’t help it. Technically, there are a ton of quotes to pull from this movie because it is just too fantastic! With this flick came so many memorable scenes. More so than any of the other “Star Wars” films. Just think about it: The “first” sight of the emperor, the battle of Hoth, Han being frozen in carbonate, Lando Calrissian (Williams) arrives (and betrays), we see Boba Fett for the “first” time (my favorite character), Luke being trained by Yoda (Oz) , Luke getting his hand cut off, Darth Vader (Prowse) telling Luke the awful truth about who he is, and many more! There is so much awesomeness crammed into one picture that it could just explode! Notice how many exclamation points I’m using people! This movie is great! Now, when talking about “Star Wars” the typical fan favorite is this one, and I agree with them (I know, I haven’t even re-watched “Return of the Jedi” yet). This is because of the richness of the story. It’s incredibly hard to make a sequel as great as its predecessor, especially when it comes to “Star Wars,” but this movie exceeds in so many ways. Characters develop further, friendships are made, lines are crossed, and several bad things go into play. This movie is called “The Empire Strikes Back” for a reason. Without the Death Star, the Empire is still victorious, having a much larger army than the rebels. The rebels were actually losing this whole film, that’s how awful the situation was. It even ends on a cliffhanger that makes the viewer salivate to see what the endgame is. It is such a well-constructed film, with every character arc bleeding into the next. Han and Leia’s romance makes me smile because of how great their chemistry is (even if Leia rejects him). We also meet Yoda for the first time and I never knew how funny he was. The prequels point the guy out to be serious and wise, and while we still have the wise, Yoda is more laid back in this release. I actually laughed at almost everything he did. He provided such great lines as well, and the way he was handled in terms of his puppetry was magnificent. Speaking of puppetry, the special effects of this film are fantastic, even after so many years. Sure, it can be crude at times, but I would take it over the prequels’ choppy CGI any day. I’m thankful that the first “Star Wars” got as much of success as it did, or we may have never gotten this great film (or it would have been on a lower budget). The world gets expanded in this movie and yet we are only scratching the surface. One more pro I forgot to mention is the musical score. Like all of these flicks, the music is great, with this one being no exception. It sets the tone of every scene. If you just listened to the soundtrack you could tell what the songs are trying to express. Other than the pros, the issues I found in this glorious movie are extremely minor. To be honest, I couldn’t find any. My only excuse, like the previous movie, is that this one isn’t perfect although it is grand. Even though I am giving it the same score as “Star Wars,” it is still greater. I hope this review was good enough for your tastes as there isn’t much to pick at since most people have already seen it several times. FINAL SCORE: 99%= Juicy Popcorn

This movie has been inducted into The Juicy Hall of Fame.

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