“Back to the Future Part II”

Back to the Future II (1989) Original

A 1.21 GIGAWATTS FUELED REVIEW: “Back to the Future Part II” is next in this great franchise, and stars Michael J. Fox (The Good Wife [TV series], Stuart Little), Christopher Lloyd (The Addams Family [1991], Snowmen), Lea Thompson (J. Edgar, Left Behind), Thomas F. Wilson (Epic, Zoom), Elisabeth Shue (Hollow Man, Leaving Las Vegas), and James Tolkan (Bone Tomahawk, Robo Warriors). It is directed by Robert Zemeckis (The Walk, Flight) who also co-wrote it with Bob Gale (Used Cars, 1941). Marty McFly (Fox) and Doctor Emmett Brown (Lloyd) are back, and yet they haven’t really gone nowhere. Taking place directly after the first film, the two time travelers travel to the future to save Marty’s family line from his future son’s wrongdoings. Once in the future, Marty and Doc then have to jump to many points in time after several accidents take place because of an old Biff Tannen (Wilson).

back to the future 2

If my calculations are precise, this review has become viewable at the exact moment Marty and Doc traveled to this day, October 21st, 2015 from 1985. What hurts my head is how it took thirty years for this review to come out, but to Marty and Doc it only took a few seconds of time travel. Heavy, right? Yeah, I know. Anyway, today is the day guys! Aren’t you pumped!? I mean, it’s a normal day like all others, but to “Back to the Future” fans, it’s a day to remember living in. In a way, it’s like, even if I wasn’t born around the time this film was made, I was alive at a time it took place. That’s fantastic just to think. Marty is probably going to that 80’s bar to meet his future son right now, as you are reading this…okay, I gotta stop. Back to the review (no pun intended). What I loved most about this flick from the many times watching it is how seamless the writers and director blended this movie and “Back to the Future” together. For those of you who don’t know, Marty doesn’t just go to the future. He goes back to the eighties and then the fifties again, with many previous scenes from this film’s predecessor showing up again, just with a Marty from this movie. It’s mind-boggling looking at this picture and that’s why it is the best part. They pulled it off brilliantly, and even without Crispin Glover, they were still able to incorporate George McFly. Even though the two separate story lines crossed masterfully, this real question is, was this one actually good? Not as grand as I remember, but it was still great. Sequels are a risky fare in the film industry. If you have a movie that is a classic, it is incredibly hard to top it. Only a few films have done so (“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” for example). This movie doesn’t touch “Back to the Future,” but it sure gives a good shot. Instead of Lorraine (Thompson) and George being the center of attention, the scope switches to Biff, as we see many different versions of him as well as confrontations between him and Marty. I always liked Biff. He’s a good, funny villain, and his character is enjoyable. Why Biff’s grandson acts the way he does (it was bad acting, unless it was on purpose), I don’t know, but all the other Biff’s were great. None of them will top fifties Biff though. The way the writers came in and tackled this plot was interesting. I liked the many changes of time, and it can get confusing for some (time traveling can be like that), but they explain it in a way so that everyone can understand. I didn’t expect the future to have only a brief presence, because I remember a lot more, but even in that short time window there are a lot of things to pick apart in terms of detail, and that is the main discussion of this day. Hoverboards, flying cars, holographic billboards. All of these haven’t yet been perfected, but because of this movie I believe that a lot of industries have pushed further to get them done. That’s great motivation! The special effects with this picture are good, the makeup being top-notch like always, but it isn’t as good as the previous film. This is mainly because of the many future devices they implement and how it takes a lot of visual effects in order for it to show on the screen. It’s expanded their knowledge and expertise, and it is still good enough to watch without feeling too outdated. It’s just not as good as the previous one. The acting is great as always and the characters are still memorable, with no real additions added to the cast. I didn’t mind Crispin Glover not showing up (that guy is a little weird) because they were still able to incorporate him like I said before. Thankfully Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas F. Wilson, and Lea Thompson came back. Elisabeth Shue didn’t do that bad either. What I didn’t like about this movie has to do with how a lot of things are repeated. Jokes are rehashed and a lot of references are made to “Back to the Future” which I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t such a reliable writing tool. There are also things to nitpick in this film like the previous one. Time travel isn’t an easy subject to comprehend like I’ve stated before. And that’s pretty much all the cons. Overall this is a great follow-up that falls short of the first, feeling more like a likable knock-off with some new tricks up its sleeve. I recommend this to anyone who has yet to see it! FINAL SCORE: 91%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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