nostlagia lane movie marathon


Everyone has fond memories of doing things as children. Usually sentimental items are involved. Seeing as how this is a movie reviewing site, the sentimental items I am talking about are childhood films. Besides playing, I grew up watching movies and now that I am seventeen, my tastes have shifted from the typical fun cartoon movies I used to watch all the time. Knowing what films I remember watching a lot, I asked myself: “Do these movies hold up after all this time?” Well, to answer my own question, I began another movie marathon which brings me back to my childhood films, shedding light on just how good they were.

Here I have a week’s worth of kid movies, which include:
Day 1– “A Goofy Movie”
Day 2– “Balto”
Day 3– “Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring”
Day 4– “Return to Neverland”
Day 5– “Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams”
Day 6– “Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders”
Day 7– “Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin”

I know, there isn’t any well-known Disney or Pixar movies, but I wanted to save those for their own separate marathons rather than this one because, every kid my age grew up on those. I wanted to have films that are unique. This is going to be a difficult marathon because of how I don’t want them to be bad since I have fond memories of each, but if one is unwatchable then so be it. This marathon will take place from August 9th – August 15th.

On a side note: since some of these movies may reach into Juicy Hall of Fame standards because of nostalgic factors, I have created a separate hall of fame specifically for these films. I am calling it The Nostalgia Vault. It operates the same way as The Juicy Hall of Fame, but will showcase movies that won their way in by my memories (although some of them are worth seeing).

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