“Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser”


MOVIE REVIEW: “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser” stars David Spade (Tommy Boy, Grown Ups), Brittany Daniel (Sweet Valley High [TV series], The Game [TV series]), Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld [TV series], The Emperor’s New Groove), Christopher Walken (Batman Returns, Catch Me If You Can), Mark McGrath (Scooby-Doo [2002], Sharknado 2: The Second One), Adam Beach (Flags of Our Fathers, Cowboys & Aliens), Tracy Weisert (Gone Girl, My Name Is Khan), Rhonda Dents (The Runner, Fantastic Four [2015]), and Dennis Miller (Dennis Miller [TV series], Dennis Miller Live [TV series]). It is directed by Fred Wolf (Strange Wilderness, House Bunny). Our favorite white trash sensation is back, that’s right: Joe Dirt (Spade). A lot has happened since we last saw him with him marrying Brandy (Daniel) and having triplets. All is good, but it dawns on Joe that he isn’t the greatest husband and father in the world, being a pushover to many bullies that come his way. He thinks that his family deserves a man better than himself. One day however, when he tries to prove that he is heroic in a gusty storm, he gets taken by a twister, soon waking up in the 60’s. He needs to find a way back to Brandy, but it will take a realization or lesson to get him back home.

joe dirt

“I think we just found the goose, who lays the golden eggs!” Joe Dirt, the loveable small-town legend which I can’t get enough of in the classic “Joe Dirt”. Yes, I am one of those people who loves “Joe Dirt”, with it being one of my favorite films as well as a guilty pleasure. I don’t know why, it is just a movie that I can watch endlessly and still get a kick out of. It is witty and well-thought out. I never expected there to be a sequel, however. No one else did either, but I am less harsh. Usually critics for this film will start out with “The movie we never wanted a sequel from..” or whatnot, but to be honest when I found out about this film being a thing, I was ecstatic. Mainly for the fact of how I loved the first one and never expected a sequel. I had semi-high hopes, knowing how hard it will be to mess up a film that is based around a goofball. Plus, it’s a comedy. But, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” murdered what was good about Mall Cop so I didn’t get too excited. I know I have been stalling with my review so far, but I wanted to get something out-of-the-way which doesn’t pertain to the film itself: this is the worst way to produce a film. I’m not hating on “Crackle” (which, other than streaming it illegally is the only way you can view it), but having to stream from the internet can be inconvenient for those who don’t have good Wi-Fi or internet service. I watched this with my buddy Captain Critic and it was hard to get through because of the fact that the internet buffered constantly. I ended up having to watch fifty minutes of it on a phone. It is hard to review when you get distracted from the storyline with internet issues. All of that aside, let’s get into the review! For starters, I will say that it was good to see Joe Dirt again. No matter how messed up this film was, he is such a great character which stereotypes (but somewhat portrays truthfully) the typical redneck and is always enjoyable to watch. That was how I felt with many of these characters. And that is what I will start with in terms of pros: the acting and characters. Although the script was stupid (which is a mixture of good and bad in terms of this film), the acting was what made this film. Patrick Warburton is hilarious, portraying a leader of a biker gang named Foggle. They use his deep voice for most of the comedy and it works because I laughed and enjoyed his time on-screen. Not only was this a great decision on an addition, but they also brought back most of the main characters from the first film. I enjoy all the original characters, but Clem outranks every single one of them. And you wanna know why? CHRISTOPHER WALKEN, THAT’S WHY! The man is a genius. Everything he does makes me want him to win another Academy Award. You may not agree, but I believe it. Seeing him back as Clem was fantastic. You don’t feel a loss with these characters and that is probably the best part of this film. With characters out-of-the-way all that I can really talk about is the plot, which can get messy. I will have to go into a pros and cons mixture just to get my point across. To start, I will say that this film steals several story ideas from many beloved movies: “Forrest Gump”, “Back to the Future”, and “Wizard of Oz” to name a few that don’t spoil the plot. This is both a good and bad thing. It is more of a con however because it just shows how they can’t come up with anything original for this film. It provided good jokes for the stolen story arcs at times (which is the pro part), but I wanted to see something original for the most part, not something of a parody of films you have already seen. Basically it is a throw away for a story. Another aspect of this movie, which can also be pro and con, are the jokes. This film relies heavily on gross humor more than the witty humor. It was more vulgar than the first film, which I can find revolting at times. Stuff like getting farted in the face is hilarious (although it lasted a bit too long for a scene), but girls almost kissing is something I don’t find funny. The jokes are a hit-and-miss. About fifty percent of the jokes in this film are stale or can be funny on one go around. I will also say that when it comes to these jokes, some of them take forever to get through, which drag scenes. There is a scene in which Foggle tries to call Joe gay, prolonging the punch line for a good seven minutes. It gets boring, but at least Joe acknowledged it. Even though you have jokes like this, there is still the other fifty percent of jokes which stick in your head and make you laugh for a good bit. One in my head that will be there forever when I hear this movie’s title is the drive-in movie theater scene. It was gross, but too funny not to laugh. The only aspect of this film I can find that is purely a con is how convoluted it can get. Especially with most of the timeline. There are a lot of things that you have to brush off in this film. What made “Joe Dirt” so good was how realistic it was for the most part. Of course they had goofy things that wouldn’t happen sometimes, but it kept it real for almost the whole movie. This one is outlandish. It can get to the point where you have to just turn your mind off to roll with it. This leads me to an aspect of the film that is purely pro: they acknowledge it most of the time. Thankfully this movie doesn’t take itself so seriously that you don’t feel like they were trying to make it a well-thought out plot. The problem with movies like “Mall Cop 2” (sorry for this bludgeoning Paul Blart) was that they didn’t ever say how stupid it was. They acted as if this was a serious problem or an outrageous situation was normal, which really hurt it. Another thing this movie considered well was the timeline, for what I understood. When I knew what time Joe was actually in (the 60’s and 70’s) they handled the clothing and trends very well, making jokes about it along the way. An example was how no one would cuss in the 60’s. They said a bunch of crazy, kiddish words that I would say because I don’t cuss, and it offers a great laugh. Finally the last part of this film I will discuss is both a pro and a con. It deals with how after stupid, nonsense-filled scenes happen, they try to break off to a sad moment where Joe tries to deal with his situation at home or what is happening to him. At first it didn’t work because it is a comedy and you never take his situation seriously, but as the movie progressed (about at the one hour mark), it blended in better. That is what you are supposed to feel for Joe. He’s supposed to be a character that gives you a good laugh, but reels you into his inner-problems that make you feel sorry for him. In the end, don’t consider this a work of art. Too many critics hate on films like these solely because of it being a sequel or because it is a comedy. You have to take it for what it is. If you walk in expecting something funny with good characters (a Joe Dirt adventure), then you will come out with a better mood than you would expecting differently. For what it is, I think this movie is pretty good and offers up a good deal of laughs. It wasn’t anywhere near the original, but I had a good time and I recommend anyone who is the right age (this is unrated, but viewing it can give you the indication of an R rating) to give it a chance. FINAL SCORE: 76%= Juicy Popcorn

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  2. I agree with your review Juicy Reviewer. Some of the stuff in this flick is so over the top I felt guilty laughing at it, but I did laugh. Gotta like Joe Dirt.

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