MARVEL MOVIE MADNESS REVIEW: First on the list in this franchise is “X-Men” which stars Hugh Jackman (The Wolverine, The Prestige), Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation [TV series], Gnomeo & Juliet), Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Flushed Away), Famke Janssen (Goldeneye, Taken 2), Anna Paquin (The Piano, Jane Eyre), James Marsden (Robot & Frank, Enchanted), Halle Berry (The Call, Cloud Atlas), Tyler Mane (Troy, Halloween [2007]), Ray Park (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Star Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Menace), Rebecca Romijn (Femme Fatale, Good Deeds), Bruce Davison (Henry and the Hendersons [TV series], Short Cuts), and Stan Lee (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Spider-Man). It is directed by Bryan Singer (Usual Suspects, House M.D. [TV series]). In a world where mutants and humans coexist, there is formidable chaos. Because mutants have superhuman powers, humans see them as a threat and thus want them to expose themselves so they may see how to deal with them. Somewhere out in the world, there is a mutant that has the ability to heal at a faster rate than humans and is made up of metal alloy called Adamantium, which also make up his claws that come out of his hands. His name: Wolverine (Jackman). He runs into this girl named Rogue (Paquin) who is also a mutant, with the ability of killing someone by just touching them. Once they cross paths, they find out that bad people are after them who aren’t humans, and end up at an academy for mutants which is run by a very smart man named Professor Charles Xavier (Stewart). He has the ability to read people’s minds and make them do things. He tells Wolverine that the people after them are actually mutants that are against the human race because of how they are treated. These anti-human mutants are led by Xavier’s old friend, Eric (McKellen), who is also known as Magneto. Magneto plans on using some of Xavier’s newly acquired mutants to destroy humanity so they can feel his pain. It is up to Xavier and his mutant students/friends to stop Magneto and his gang of mutants at all cost.


“X-Men” is a peculiar movie. That’s the first adjective that pops up in my mind. The story is good overall, with some cool action scenes and dialogue full of the impeding war of mutants vs humans that is always good to listen to. The beginning of this movie gave off a general tone of seriousness. Besides some witty remarks from Wolverine and some other mutants, this movie tries to establish who these people are and how the human race needs to accept them because there will only be chaos if they don’t. They pull it off well in this movie. The characters are cool and fun to watch with their different powers. The acting behind them is also swell with everyone portraying their character in more good ways than bad. The special effects were great, considering the time that this movie was made and the action scenes are always great to watch, like I’ve said before. There is only one issue I have with this movie: some parts are just really cheesy in terms of special effects and characters. Overall, the special effects are great, but there are some spots that just don’t look that right. And when I mean characters, I mainly mean Magneto’s team for the most part. Mistique (Romijn) is cool, but Toad (Park) and Sabretooth (Mane) just look weird. The costuming on Sabertooth could’ve been done better where he would look more cool and Toad served to be kind of a weak villain compared to his companions. In the end this movie is really good and I had a great time watching it. If you are a Marvel fan or comic book fan and haven’t seen this, you definitely should check it out! FINAL SCORE: 85%= Juicy Popcorn Here is the trailer:

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