“Rocky IV”


ROCKY HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP REVIEW: Here we go again. “Rocky IV” stars Sylvester Stallone (The Expendables 2, Cobra), Talia Shire (A Secret Promise, Palo Alto), Burt Young (Table One, The Boys of Sunset Ridge), Carl Weathers (The Comebacks, Action Jackson), Tony Burton (Knockout, Fatal Choice), Brigitte Nielsen (The Hustle, Body Count), Michael Pataki (Easy Rider, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers), and Dolph Lundgren (Universal Soldier, Masters of the Universe). It is written and directed by Sylvester Stallone. When Apollo Creed (Weathers) discovers that there is a new fighter arising out of the Soviet Union called Ivan Drago (Lundgren) who is claimed to be “undefeatable”, he wants to take him on and try to stay on top of the world. He asks Rocky (Stallone) to be his trainer and he agrees, with the agreement that it will be the last fight. But, when Apollo steps into the ring, Drago turns out to be genetically enhanced to take several punches and throw punches with incredible force. He ends up killing Apollo, which sends Rocky on a trip of depression and then realization as he challenges Drago to a fight so he can avenge Apollo.


Boy, I can’t think of an opener to start this review. This was definitely my least favorite so far (no, I haven’t seen the others). The plot felt like it stood for something different than what it was promoting. Instead of this movie being mainly about Rocky avenging Apollo, it was more of a political issue and how we should all live in a world of peace. Although I support world peace, I don’t think that it was the best choice to be featured as the plot for this story. It still had the happy tone with it that I like and knew when to get serious. The characters are written and portrayed well as always. The connections are still kept fresh and real as you feel as though you have grown with these characters. Even though there were quite a bit of bland scenes, there were also some great scenes. For example, when Adrian (Shire) came to Russia to see Rocky and when Rocky was training to fight Drago. With all of this in mind, I do need to express my views on what this movie lacks (the cons). One con would be how there were parts in this movie that I wish they didn’t add to the story, mainly Apollo’s death and the whole world peace lesson. It would have been better if they kept Apollo so that Rocky can have a great trainer instead of his brother-in-law and Apollo’s trainer to train him. The next con is how cheesy this movie can get. Rocky movies are supposed to hit at the heart, and although it does have witty jokes that I laugh at, the opening with the robot is just bad that it’s funny. Things shouldn’t be laughed at for that reason, unless they weren’t trying at all (and I would assume that they were). The last con would be how this movie feels like it lost its touch. All the original music was replaced with techno 80s music, it recaps the past movies for about ten minutes, and it doesn’t teach the lessons that a “Rocky” movie usually would. I will say that this movie wasn’t as predictable as the last two. It was predictable in parts, but not as much. Overall, this movie is entertaining like the others, but if you want to watch a down-to-earth, inspirational “Rocky” experience, this isn’t the movie for you. FINAL SCORE: 68%= Burnt Popcorn Here is the trailer:

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