“Exodus: Gods and Kings”


FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Tonight’s movie is “Exodus: Gods and Kings” which stars Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Prestige), Joel Edgerton (The Great Gatsby [2013], Warrior), John Turturro (O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Transformers), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Need for Speed), Maria Valverde (Cracks, Melissa P.), Sigourney Weaver (Avatar, Aliens), Ben Kingsley (Schindler’s List, Ender’s Game), and Hiam Abbass (The Visitor, Lemon Tree). It is directed by Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Robin Hood [2010]) This movie is based loosely on the true Biblical story of Exodus. In Exodus, Moses (Bale) is an Isrealite who is raised in the Pharaoh’s kingdom of Egypt because of his sister becoming a maidservant of the Pharaoh and handing over Moses so he can live and not be killed like all the other Isrealite first-born sons. Once an adult, Moses oversees the Isrealites and tells them what to do and build. When he sees some of them being beaten, he kills the guard doing it and forces himself into exile. There, he is called upon by God in the form of a burning bush, who gives him his legendary staff (or stick) which gives Egypt curses until the Pharaoh sets the Isrealites free. Although this movie is trying to express that point, they also add in Moses having a brother named Ramses (Edgerton) and change around events, taking out some and putting in ones that don’t happen.

DF-04130_R - Christian Bale stars as Moses in EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS.

This movie has been on my watch list since before it came out last year (which is a long time!). I wanted to watch it in theaters because the trailers gave off signs that this movie will actually go by the Bible instead of misconstruing it to some sort of story that makes little sense (cough, “Noah”, cough). I didn’t get a chance though, and after finally watching it, I’m glad I missed it. I stated in my “Noah” review that I looked at it as its own thing and not for a Biblical purpose, or it would’ve gotten a much lower score. To solve the answer to what it would’ve gotten, it would’ve been a 30%. But, because of some reason that I regret, I didn’t give it that score and because of the Juicy Awards, it would be hard to change it (it didn’t receive burnt popcorn of the year). But, I will change it anyway because it is what it deserves. Anyway, back to “Exodus”. This movie was better than “Noah”, but not good. In terms of story, this movie had facts in it that were from Exodus, but that was only 40% of the movie. More than “Noah”, by the way. The opening shot says “400 B.C.E.” which stands for “before common era”. I knew right from there, this movie was not what it seems. Before I list the reasons for what is wrong with it, I’ll state what is right. The acting was terrific. I enjoyed all of the performances. They were great, for what they were written in script to do (note what I said there). The special effects and action scenes were epic and I enjoyed watching the outer shots of Egypt. All the buildings and construction zones were eye candy to watch. Now those are the pros.


Here is the cons. To start, Moses is changed for this movie. Even though he talks with God sometimes, it is always in arguments. He never praises or respects him. He cares about his wife and children more than him in this movie (which is definitely not true in the Bible). I mean, they even said twice how they are more important to each other. He was never given his staff, so he didn’t demonstrate the plagues or even tell the Pharaoh (who is Ramses now) to let them free except once. Aaron didn’t even help him. He was exiled by Ramses instead of leaving on his own and cared about the Egyptians. I didn’t seem to find the real Moses in this movie. Another thing that got me angry is how God is portrayed as a child. I don’t understand the point to that at all. I would’ve rather have God be a voice than a kid. I don’t know what Ridley Scott was trying to do with that, but it wasn’t working for me. It felt like they were belittling God. The last big thing that was wrong with this movie was the parting of the Red Sea. Gosh…. The sea was never parted! Moses didn’t have his staff, so the water just ended up dissipating to just sand. And when they ran across it, Moses stayed behind for whatever reason to see Ramses come up to him. They were then both washed away by the sea and both lived. You never see Ramses again though after he sees all of his army gone.


I just don’t understand why big industries make Biblical movies anymore. They never go by the Bible. I would rather them not make anymore than make disgraces to God like this. When I get into the movie business, I am going to make a Biblical movie and go by the Bible, because it is right. It is how it should be. If you aren’t religious, this may be cool for you, but if you are, stay away from this film. FINAL SCORE: 39%= Burnt Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

3 responses to ““Exodus: Gods and Kings”

  1. Great review!! I totally agree, I’m so tired of these secularized biblical stories. Some of this and much of Noah bordered on blasphemy. I respected Ridley Scott’s work up to this movie, but I may have to rethink my position. I understand artistic license, but there has to be some limits.

    • Great comment Mr. Pym. Ridley Scott is a good directed and his cinematography shots were great in the movie. Like you said, the creative control was just used in the worse way. Thanks for the comment!

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