“Big Hero 6”


FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: Last night I saw the movie “Big Hero 6” which stars Ryan Potter (Supah Ninjas, Senior Project), Scott Adsit (30 Rock, The Italian Job), Daniel Henney (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Last Stand), T.J. Miller (Yogi Bear [2010], Cloverfield), Jamie Chung (The Hangover Part II, Sucker Punch), Damon Wayans Jr. (The Other Guys, Let’s Be Cops), Genesis Rodriguez (Identity Thief, Man on a Ledge), James Cromwell (The Green Mile, The Artist), Alan Tudyk (Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph), and Maya Rudolph (The Way Way Back, Bridesmaids). This movie is about a kid named Hiro (Potter) who, inspired by his brother Tadashi’s (Henney) work in building technology, develops a new invention called micro-bots that can take the shape of anything, hoping to win at a convention to get into the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. He wins and before him and his friends can celebrate, disaster strikes, turning Hiro to a path of depression. Just when he thinks that he cant ever get any better, Tadashi’s project, which is a robot nurse named Baymax (Adsit), comes in to help him. They then form a group called Big Hero 6 with Hiro’s friends to stop evil.


“Big Hero 6” wasn’t that bad. It came from the people who brought us “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Frozen and although it is definitely better than “Frozen”, it doesn’t top “Wreck-It Ralph”. The story is good overall and is entertaining. The city of San Fransokyo is a good setting to explore, with its tall buildings, crowded streets, and trolleys. When it comes to voice acting, everyone did a great job, giving a lot of emotion to their voices. The humor was also good, having me laugh at times during the film. Out of everything this film presents, I would have to say that the animation is the best part. It blew me away every second of the film seeing the landscapes and character models and how clear and free-flowing it is. It just goes to show how technology is constantly improving every year. Even though this movie was entertaining, it has a good share of cons. The main one that comes to mind is how parts don’t make sense. To further explain what I mean, I am going to have to mention a spoiler:


One part that didn’t make sense was the ending. I thought it was good to incorporate Callaghan’s (Cromwell) loss of his daughter because it would give Hiro something to learn from of letting go of Tadashi. What I didn’t get was the fact that they brought the daughter back. It got rid of the whole lesson that was at hand! I don’t even think that people cared about whether the daughter was alive or not anyway, so why do it?


Another con would have to be that it can be predictable to a point where you laugh. I predicted probably three events to be right. It would just be nice to not have a clue of what will happen next. Yes, there were details that I didn’t know and I didn’t predict the whole thing right, but the parts I did predict right were big plot points. The last con would have to be how short this movie is. It wasn’t a short movie when you look at length, but the story itself was a short one. The only things the movie showed were Hiro trying to form the Big Hero 6 and then them fighting the bad guy twice (as a group). That was it. I feel as though there could’ve been more incorporated. It’s sad because my favorite part of the whole film was the scene at the end of the credits. Judging by the score, you are probably thinking, “how is this juicy” by looking at my cons. It did have quite a bit of cons, but overall this movie didn’t do an awful job. FINAL SCORE: 73%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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