“The Double” (2011)


FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: So tonight, I saw a movie that I have never heard of before, but after watching the trailer right before seeing the movie, it seemed pretty interesting. The movie that I saw is called “The Double” and if you’re asking, no, it is not the one with Jesse Eisenberg. It stars Richard Gere (Autumn in New York, Pretty Woman), Topher Grace (That 70’s Show, Spider-Man 3), Martin Sheen (Catch Me If You Can, The Departed), Tamer Hassan (Batman Begins, Kick-Ass), Stephen Moyer (True Blood, The Starter Wife), Chris Marquette (Fanboys, The Girl Next Door), Odette Annable (Transformers, The Holiday), and Stana Katic (Castle, Superman: Unbound). The movie is about a retired CIA operative named Paul Shepherdson (Gere) who gets called back in because an assassin named Cassius has resurfaced and killed a senator. Paul is shocked because he killed him a long time ago, but apparently the person that killed the senator has the same calling card as Cassius. Paul gets assigned a young partner named Ben Geary (Grace) who is basically obsessed with Cassius and has researched him for a long time. While investigating and tracking down Cassius, Paul and Geary discover truths and everything begins to fall into play as the story goes on. To me, this movie was quite interesting (I know I said it in the beginning as well). The story had its ups and downs, but it seemed to keep me watching the screen as the story unraveled. The acting of course is good and I give props to Richard Gere and Topher Grace with their chemistry in character. It did have its action moments as well which served their purposes. I do have to say that this movie may confuse people. It doesn’t take long for the story to show who Cassius is and it eventually becomes a movie of revenge. With this movie there came quite a bit of problems. One would be how there seemed to be too much going on towards the end of the movie. I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t watched it, but there is a plot twist that gets added at the end which made me feel like the writers just wanted to put that in there because they couldn’t think of any other way to wrap it up. The plot twist felt like it was unnecessary and it should’ve been left out. Another con would be how at the end there is a death scene where the person who dies just lays there, says “go home,” and tilts his head to the side in one instant. Usually when I see death scenes, it takes about a good minute or two for someone to die, but in this case they just shut the person down leaving me feel like there wasn’t much closer. Other than the cons I have listed this movie did still keep me watching and it isn’t all that bad. It did only get one point above burnt popcorn, but juicy popcorn is juicy popcorn so I gave it that. FINAL SCORE: 71%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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