Juicy Awards I- Movie of the Year Nominees

Movie of the year nominees 1


Even though the real challenge will begin at 12 p.m., I wanted to just release what candidates are in the running for this major award!:

1. “The Italian Job”
Why it’s a nominee?- This movie had a great storyline with having to steal back the money from their traitor of a friend Steve. The action scenes in this movie were awesome and I loved the scenes where they set up their master plan to take him down. This movie won the month of November.

2.”The Fugitive”
Why it’s a nominee?- Harrison Ford never ceases to amaze me with his character Richard Kimble in this scramble to find the real murderer of his wife and get the cops off of his back which includes Tommy Lee Jones. The action scenes were great and the story was even better! This movie won the month of July.

3. “Iron Man 3”
Why it’s a nominee?- Even at it’s third release, this movie franchise still goes strong in story and especially in the visual effects with the suits! The action scenes were the best parts in this movie from explosions to a ton of suits destroying stuff. This movie won the month of May.

4. “Captain Phillips”
Why it’s a nominee?- This movie was supremely thrilling having me sweating on the edge of my seat! The acting was great and the story was really good making this a very, very great movie to watch!!! This movie won the month of October.

5. “Oblivion”
Why it’s a nominee?- I knew this movie did something good when it had me think about a lot of stuff when it ended. The story was fantastic, the action scenes were great, the plot twists were phenomenal, and the acting was just as good making this a must see sci-fi movie!! This movie won the month of September.

6. “Life of Pi”
Why it’s a nominee?- The picture of this movie fantastic as well as the visual effects. This movie does amaze with the plot, the acting, the action, and the great way of colors in picture that was put into this film! I had a real great pleasure watching this and I know everyone would too if they saw it! This movie won the month of April.

7. “Oz the Great and Powerful”
Why it’s a nominee?- I have always been a fan of “The Wizard of Oz” and when I found out that this was coming to theaters, I had to see it! The story was great, the action was very good, and I especially loved how the whole thing was pretty much done in front of a green screen with all the great landscapes of Oz!!! Awesome comeback for a prequel! This movie won the month of March.

8. “Monsters University”
Why it’s a nominee?- Pixar will always be one of the best movie makers of all time. Monsters University made a splash with the great animation, the great story, and good acting. It was a real treat to bring back Mike and Sully to the big screen again!! This movie won the month of June.

9. “The Host”
Why it’s a nominee?- I haven’t really seen a story like this before, and I am glad that I did! This movie had a really great story, with great acting and good action scenes put into it. Really great concept that I recommend anyone to see!! This movie won the month of August.

10. “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
Why it’s a nominee?- Inspirational is what this movie is. When I watched the trailer to this movie, I knew that I had to watch it in theaters. This movie had a fantastic story, great special effects, and good acting leaving my money well spent! This movie won the month of December.

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