BONUS MOVIE REVIEW: I was able to watch a movie from the redbox today and the movie that caught my eye is “The Colony” starring Kevin Zegers (Dawn of the Dead, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones), Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix, Mystic River), Bill Paxton (Titanic, Apollo 13), Charlotte Sullivan (Rookie Blue, Harriet the Spy), and Atticus Dean Mitchell (My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Radio Rebel). The movie is set, I would guess, somewhere in the future when the world goes into another ice age after people fail at trying to control the weather using machines. The people who survive find refuge underground where it is warm and call themselves Colonies. Conditions can get hard like even the common cold or flu is a death sentence with having to be put into quarantine and if they don’t get better, they either get shot or walk in the open snow until they die. One day Colony 7 gets a distress signal from Colony 5 saying that they are in trouble. After trying to contact them for over an hour, the leader of Colony 7, Briggs (Fishburne), takes two people named Sam (Zegers) and Graydon (Mitchell) with him on a mission to travel to Colony 5 to figure out what is going on and to return home safely. Once they get there though, they find blood almost everywhere and no one to be seen sending them to a supply room which doors are beaten up. In this supply room they find a withered man who hasn’t eaten or drunk in days who is scared out of his mind. He tells them that they get a call from somewhere far and in this place they have perfected the weather changing machine giving them miles of clear skies and a warm sun. They send out their men to find this place, but instead they bring back monsters with them. The three guys didn’t believe the man and were going to head out until they stumbled across a slaughter-house with a number one item on the menu: humans (which shows where all the people in Colony 5 went to). The big group of crazy cannibals chase them sending them to retreat back to their own Colony, but find out that they were following them. Now it is up to Colony 7 to get rid of all of these crazy cannibals once and for all before it’s too late. This movie really surprised me. I saw the trailer last month and I didn’t really care to see it until now where I wanted to see another movie, but there was nothing much in the redbox to watch except for this one. It seemed like a good movie at the trailer making me think that it was just a journey movie from one destination to the next, but I was wrong. There was a bunch of cussing and a lot of gore in this movie. When they showed the slaughter lot full of dead bodies from Colony 5 and the cannibals chopping parts up and pulling limbs apart that really surprised me and sent chills down my spine. I thought the movie was rated PG-13, but it might have been rated R. I really don’t know. The movie’s graphics surprised me as well because the animations on the frozen area was great where I thought that it would be low budgeted animation. Overall the movie wasn’t that good, but it was decent I guess. It was basically full of surprises, but most of them I did not think were that much in favor. If you’re not a fan of gory stuff, don’t watch it and if you’re planning on watching a big blockbuster hit, don’t watch it, but if you just want to watch something because you’re bored then this would be an alright movie for you! FINAL SCORE: 71%= Juicy Popcorn

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