“The Jerk”

FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: A while ago, I got to see the comedy movie “The Jerk” which stars Steve Martin (The Big Year, It’s Complicated) and Bernadette Peters (Anastasia, Annie). It is about a stupid man named Navin R. Johnson (Martin) who is raised in a poor lifestyle by a rural black family who wants to be somebody. To do that, he goes to St. Louis to get a job and make it big. It then becomes a big adventure from working at a gas station to being one of the richest men alive to being poor again. I thought the movie was funny in a dumb way like “Dumb and Dumber” and I actually thought it was pretty good, but the overall movie did seem a bit short in my view. I think that anyone who hasn’t seen it should see it! FINAL SCORE: 80%= Juicy Popcorn

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