“Life of Pi”



FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: I just finished watching an extraordinary film called “Life of Pi.” The movie is about a novelist searching for a story to write that is sent to a middle-aged India man named Pi. Here Pi talks to the writer about his life in three sections; childhood, shipwreck, and recovery, telling him by the end of his story he will fully believe in God. He lives life as a  son of a man who owns a zoo and then having to move away from India to Canada. Pi has a thing where he is Hindu and a Christian at the same time. So whenever they board a ship to Canada, it wrecks leaving everyone dead and him stuck on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker for 227 days. It ends up being a journey of hope submitting to God and learning to have faith. I really loved it and it makes it feel close to an Avatar-good type movie. I recommend this to anyone!! FINAL SCORE: 92%

Here is the trailer:

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