“Rise of the Guardians”


GREEN JEANS MOVIE REVIEW: Every once in a while I go to my grandma’s house for a sleepover (nanny green jeans is her nickname) and of course at night we all have to watch a movie! Therefore calling these movie reviews the “green jeans movie reviews.” So the movie that was chosen last night is called “Rise of the Guardians.” It is about a group of guardians (Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, Sandman, and Tooth Fairy) who are told by the man on the moon to take in Jack Frost as another guardian. In doing this, Jack Frost could help get rid of the bad guy named Pitch who goes into kids dreams everywhere and gives them nightmares. Throughout the whole movie, Jack Frost is trying to get kids to notice him because no one ever believes in Jack. I liked the movie for its story of combining a bunch of holiday figures together in one movie (like “Santa Clause 2”), but I did not like the ending because in reality there is no way it could happen like it did in the end (no spoilers). FINAL SCORE: 85%= Juicy Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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