“The Dinosaur Project”

FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE REVIEW: This movie I reviewed is called “The Dinosaur Project.” It is about a famous explorer, his son and a group of other explorers trying to uncover a hidden island full of dinosaurs (sound familiar?).  I thought that the movie’s story was worn, taking the story from famous movie “Jurassic Park” and video style from the movie “Chronicle.” It is very slow in the beginning, but soon picks up the pace making it a very fast and short-feeling movie. I also thought that there was no character relations build up because of the many deaths in the movie. The only thing I liked in it was the animation of the dinosaurs. If any of you stumble across this movie, I definitely do not recommend it unless you want to watch a typical movie with cheesiness. FINAL SCORE: 45%= Burnt Popcorn

Here is the trailer:

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